So it begins.

Craftsmanship?  I'll find out what it is through this blog.  Well-crafted music can come from folks like Yo Yo Ma.  Well-crafted speeches can be spoken by Obama.  Yesterday, incidentally, we got both.  I want to dig, explore, sip, scratch, and search for craftsmanship. 

Well-done things are so much more enjoyable than crap stuff.  And there's a lot of crap stuff out there (laff-track sitcoms, I'm pointing at you).  So I'll also spend time identifying anti-craftsmanship.  That might be overwhelming, but there's a miles-wide cesspool of it out there, waiting for someone to drag a stick through it and lift up the more odiferous and stomach-clenching samples *cough*Americancarbuildquality*cough*.

As the blog grows and makes terrifying swerves into other topics, be aware that although I'm writing, I'm letting Toonces drive.  So we may go from craftsmanship to The Joys/Irritations of Being a New Parent, or SoCal's Ass-Dragger Pickups and the Idiots Who Drive Them.

Oh.  And I may use naughty words now and then.  But I'll censor them for public use.  Not because I'm a prude but because I think I bleeped out cuss words are funnier than the uncut version.  And I might lose my sh#t every once in a while.  See?

And since I work in a design profession, I am shamefully starting up the blog with a template design.  But!  I will customize it soon and make it so mouth-watering and achingly beautiful that the internet will be bathed in pure brilliant light and angelsong will ring across the land.

Finally, P.S. both spells out my initials and is shorthand for postscript.  Because the blog is about writing too.  Yes…I can hear the angelsong beginning already…

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