Woke up at 4 am this morning, as per usual.  Not got up, mind you, woke up.  Not sure why my body does this, but this stutter-step into the real getup at 6 is no fun.  I woke up in the middle of a curious dream.  I was driving around the French Alps in summertime with Nicolas Sarkozy.  We drove past the entry drive of several posh resorts.  We couldn’t go in, since I am just a poor boy.  Surely the French president has enough street cred to get us in the front door of these luxo-resorts to look around?  No.


I did wonder as I wrestled with the blankets and tried to return to sleep about the lack of security.  So, the president can just ride around in my car?  Nobody’s tailing us?  I think this all stemmed from the article that the president collected stamps, and got stamps as gifts from other world leaders.  See, he’s just like one of us!  Arnold Schwarzenegger mailed him a rare stamp.  That was almost like what happened to me this week!


I had brief thoughts this morning of the Dog of Man video on Fat Pie.  Wow.  Very disturbing and beautiful.  David Firth’s other videos mix creepy with funny with downright odd.  Some of his works resemble the work of David McKean.  Since I found McKean’s work on Coraline, he’s become one of my favorite artists, blending digital and tactile works into pieces that have to be seen.  Firth’s work includes the character Salad Fingers, whose wavery mumblings and twisted realities will keep you thinking long into the dark hours of the night.  My favorites are Episode 8 and Episode 6.  Before you watch the other videos on the site, be warned they contain some violence and a heavy dose of heeby jeeby. 

Sweet dreams, comrade.

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