Beautiful Decay

I’ve always been interested in places that were something once.  In San Francisco a friend of mine took me to a waterfront area chock-a-block with old warehouses, classically-detailed buildings filled with mysterious and massive electrical equipment, and huge fenced-off areas filled with rusting stuff.  What a jackpot!


I found a guy online who is a true master of photography and old places.  At his site, you’ll find exquisite buildings that have been transformed by weather and neglect into other-worldly echo chambers, where the cacophony of ghosts is deafening.  Think I’m being dramatic?  Check this one out:


Photo courtesy of Jean-Claude Berens at


If you’ve played Half-Life 2 you’ll fee at home here.  Old European houses fallen into disuse?  Check!  Heavy industry?  Check!  Mineshafts?  Check!  Put on some wellies, light your headlamp, and start wading through this site. 

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