To Write, or To Write?

I’m straddling two writing projects and I feel like Short Round, pulled between parallel mine carts racing over a ravine of lava.  Well, okay, that might be a bit much.  My one Big Work is the implementation of the final edit of my book.  With just thirty pages left, I can see the finish line.  The other work is just notes so far.  But it has such delicious promise.  It’s been a while since I started something new, and this new idea sprang from the smallest of ideas, a joke really.  Then during a midday jog it blossomed, replicated, subdivided, replicated again, and grew itself into a world.


Now I’m stuck between wanting to outline the new thing and finishing the old thing.  I like both worlds I’ve created, and enjoy spending time in both.  But I know the old one, and the new one…well, it is like a warm cinnamon bun just sitting there on the counter.  Go on, take a bite.  If I’m in the other room I still know it’s there, waiting for me, tempting with sugary fingers that float around the corner and tickle my nose, like you see in old Looney Tunes cartoons.


Mmm…new idea.

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  1. Ooh, a book! What's it about?As an aside, I'm so excited to catch up with you and your various projects. I'm more of a LiveJournal person myself, but any interactive way for me to keep up with what family and friends are doing is cool with me.And (because I need to self-promote and drum up readers a bit, as I'm getting graded on it :P) I'd like to direct you over to my new blog. As opposed to my old knitting blog, which your wife kindly read a few times but probably thought dropped off the face of the planet. Because it kind of did…

  2. SRWood said:

    Peter — It wants you to stop. Ignore the caressing whispers. You think you will be done after this last sprint but you won't be. You … won't be! That's why it'll work great to "finish," then indulgence the new temptation, then, when you tire of it and your face is slick with cinammon bun-oil, you'll be able to return to the original project with fresh eyes. Plus I want to read it!p.s. Hi Susannah!

  3. Babs said:

    Dear Short Round,I want to read it all! I also want the sticky cinnamon buns! Go for it! Hey Susannah.

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