Night Night!

Bay Harbat now puts her stuffed animals to sleep.  I don’t know how she learned this unless it was from seeing the teachers put kids down for naptime at school.  Last night she spent fifteen minutes carefully laying down Kitty (her favorite stuffed animal) on the office floor, then spreading out a washcloth “blanket” and saying, “Nigh nigh!”.  Something bothered her about the blanket placement, though, as she kept pulling it off with a flourish, repositioning Kitty, and carefully laying down the blanket again.  Sometimes it was a soft-serve conical pile on Kitty’s midsection, other times it was a shroud on Kitty’s face.  And throughout she used a throat-pinched voice which sounded like whining but I realized was her attempt at whispering.  She doesn’t know how to whisper, as one quickly realizes when she bellows “Buh-bye!” at max volume.


I’m working on a secret new bread project, which I’ll hopefully be able to reveal shortly.  And my secret writing project has been bubbling away in my mind, ready to spill over—I must get it down on paper soon.


The final random part of today’s post concerns the calendar next to my desk, a Christmas present from my wife.  It is a collection of old travel posters, and this month is the classic Pan Am Hawaii Clipper poster.  I’ve always been in love with flying boats, and the Boeing 314 is the grand dame of them all. 

YouTube Boeing 314

This video gives a feel of the giant airship, which incidentally took off from Port Washington, hometown of my father’s side of the family and a place I visited throughout my childhood.  Alas, the Clippers were long gone by then.  [sigh] What I wouldn’t give to don a fedora and brown suit and board a Clipper for a Transatlantic flight, even if it took 26 hours.

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