Pandora’s Box is Open


Last night I started reading Peter Reinhart’s Crust and Crumb:  Master Formulas for Serious Bakers.  Now I know I’m ready to move to the next level.  I’m ready to make better bread and do it the professional way.  I was so excited to read about the different starters, sponges, yeasts.  Having written my master’s thesis on craftsmanship, the idea of working with my hands with few ingredients to try to craft something of high quality is incredibly enticing.  I know that bread will be more than an idle hobby.  The only question is how I can sustain it.  Watch this space for better breads.


Veering sharply from bread, I had a dream last night that I was terrorized by a mutant creature that was small, had bloody fur and a human’s face crudely sewn onto its head.  I had to kill this thing with my bare hands, literally tearing it to pieces as it nashed its teeth.  The dream became so gruesome and horrifying that I woke myself up.  Time:  2:45.  As I lay there and tried to calm down, Baby Harbat woke up crying.  As I went in to soothe her I couldn’t help but think some inky black cloud had whipped through the house and infected us both with bad dreams, then disappeared shrieking into the night.


This morning I was happy to see that the bunnies had not fashioned Hannibal Lecter masks for themselves.  Happy day!

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