Great Scot!

Like the 15 million people on this planet who have both an internet connection and seven minutes of free time, I watched Susan Boyle sing “I Dream a Dream” on Britain’s Got Talent.  As someone with deep Scottish roots on both sides of my family, I can say I’m not surprised that she’s both plucky and talented.  After all, Scots can claim Alexander Graham Bell, Andrew Carnegie, Sean Connery, John Paul Jones (founder of the U.S. Navy), environmentalist and champion beard-grower John Muir, tropical day-dreamer Robert Louis Stevenson (who got his wish and ended out his life in Samoa), and most famous of all, Sheena Easton.  I’m glad to see a fellow Scot prove that talent can blossom in the most unlikely of vessels.


This weekend will be a breadstravaganza.  I’ll be making my breads-to-order as well as trying some new more advanced crusty bread recipes.  And I’ll be making a biga.  If rappers made bread, could Biggie Big make a biga to make his bread bigga?  These are the Important Questions of life.

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  1. SRWood said:

    I like big loaves and I cannot lie.

  2. Babs said:

    Bigga and Bigga biga makes it betta!

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