Major Leagues

Now I've got to make a lot of bread–I just bought 100 pounds of flour.  I found a bakery supply way out in the countryside.  It was in serious boulders, sagebrush, and corral country and the sign only indicated it was poultry supply.  But sure enough, in a tiny office back in a loading dock area, there was a woman happy to sell me huge bags of flour for a fraction of what it costs at regular stores.  Plus, the selection was incredible, with multiple protein percentages and over a half dozen mills to choose from.  Their names range from the baffling, like All Trumps, to 1950s-style gee-whiz names like Purasnow.  With over 40 flour types, my head was spinning.  But I finally picked, and got some ultra cheap (4 cents each) brown bags for bread deliveries.  It's getting more professional all the time.  Now if I can just get my bread to be the right caliber, I'll be in business.  Really.

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  1. Babs said:

    Now don't forget to blow three kisses with the flour you will use for all that bread or you'll have bread going like Big Anthony and the pasta pot!

  2. Having read Strega Nona hundreds of times to Baby Harbat, I know very well the importance of the three kisses!

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