This is what Baby Harbat says when she sees the ocean.  Actually, it’s pronounced ‘wa-wa’.  In the last two weeks, she’s started to create compound phrases like “More water” (pronounced ma-mai wa wa) and “thank you Babbo” (pronounced shee-shoo babbu). She also has achieved self awareness and points to her chest and yells her name.  This blows my frickin’ mind.  When she was little, I told myself I’d mark the exact moment when she surpassed every other non-human on earth in intelligence.  I think it already happened.  As far as I know, no animal other than homo sapiens sapiens has the cognitive ability to recognize itself, construct compound sentences, and recognize abstracted images (How does she know Hello Kitty is a cat?  It looks like a bobble-headed sectoid.)  But far more amazing is that she already knows local gang signs.  Here she is flashing the SoCal Muthas:


After she flashed me that sign, she asked that I hook her up with some hydraulics for her cart.  Well, okay.  But no gold teeth.  See, I am a responsible parent.


Incidentally, the garden cart has proved itself to be perfect for cruising on the beach.  After regarding the incoming line of foam as a potential danger, she retreated to the cart to lie in supine felicity.

 Does that pose remind you of someone?


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