Am I the only one irritated by Nextel and other push-to-talk phones?

[BEEP BEEP!] Whatchu doin?

[BEEP BEEP!] Nuthin.  Whatchu doin?

[BEEP BEEP!] I dunno.  Wanna do something?

[BEEP BEEP!] I guess so, like what?

AUUUGGGGHHH!  Having to listen to your mouth-breather dialogue is bad enough, plus it’s punctuated by ultra-volume electronic chirping.  I can see needing one of these phones if you work on an oil rig or a turbine testing facility, but come on, you can’t hold a phone up to your head like everyone else?  The conversation is made louder because you have to hold your phone at arm’s length because…I don’t know.  Contractors seem to favor this phone, and perhaps lumberjacks too.  Hey guys: Bluetooth lets you talk hands-free without having to yell at your phone and hold it out like a leaking trash bag.  If you want to hear beeping after every grunted clause, buy a CB and hit the road.  Otherwise just $%#@&!!

My eye is twitching and I’m feeling the need for an Office Space beatdown on a Nextel phone.

[BEEP BEEP!] See ya later!!!!!!!


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1 comment
  1. Babs said:

    No problem convincing me…I even loathe text messaging. We're overboard with the technology. Why…when I was growing up, we just used tin cans and a string between them to talk!

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