Last night’s baking went smoothly, despite my attempts to derail the process with stupidity.  I found out I didn’t add half the liquid to the whole wheat soaker, so it was more of a damper.  That’s okay!  Both whole wheat recipes, struan and sandwich, required much more flour than indicated, but I went with what seemed right and it all turned out fine.  The multigrain white struan was much less multi-anything than I expected.  But armed with a pantry full of grains, I can really go balls to the wall with the next multigrain.  (Note:  balls to the wall refers to pushing an airplane throttle all the way forward, rather than doing something immoral while on a business trip to Bangkok.  Because I always assumed the latter.)

Here is last night’s bounty.  This morning I had both struans and though I have a favorite already, I’ll wait for my beta testers to say which is preferred.  Now that I understand the two-stage method of whole wheat breads, I think I’ll be making a lot more of them.  Mixing all these grains and experimenting makes me feel like a kid again, blending stuff from my chemistry lab kit and hoping for an explosion.  I’m armed with just enough information to be dangerous!

In between oven-loading and cleanup duties I managed to watch the first half of the Incredibles last night.  I saw it before but got excited about Pixar movies again after reading reviews of Up.  It took me over an hour to identify all the actors’ voices, mostly because the context was so jarring.  Without consulting IMDB, I think I have it.  Mr. Incredible is voiced by Gilbert Gottfried.  Mrs. Incredible is Queen Latifah.  Dash is Tiny Tim, the baby is John Goodman, but I’m still stuck on the daughter.  Maybe Betty White? 

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