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This weekend was rich with to-do list item cross-offs.  First:  wheelbarrow repaired.

Second:  entry gate constructed.

That one took a little doing, since it involved concrete, ladders, and power tools.  It also involved holes: drilled.

Now our house is more befitting of the “ranch” style moniker.  We just need a couple head of cattle roaming the front yard.  Speaking of roaming wildlife, we caught a desert rat tearing up our yard on her quad.  My wife managed to apprehend her before she did too much damage.

This weekend’s bread count:  zero!  I made two loaves of sandwich bread and an Irish soda bread on Friday night, then took the weekend off.  That gave me the chance to see Seven Pounds last night, which is another Will Smith inspirational that involves him sprinting through the rain.  Since this update is image-intensive anyway, I’ll leave you with video of Baby Harbat entertaining herself (and us) at lunch.  Yes, she is usually this chatty.

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  1. Babs said:

    Loved Desert Rat–aka Elton John. The pix are great on Flickr and I think Lumpkins may be ready for tryouts at the Met….when she's not a ranch hand out front on your cattle ranch!

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