No, not golf.  I had dinner at the Linkery last night.  My wife and I got to go on a date!  For the first time in four months!  The Linkery is a hip, food-oriented place.  They make their own breads, meats, and everything else they can.  Other ingredients are sourced locally, and every item on the menu has a provenance.  The beer list is astounding, and they’ve got cask beers and tap beers that will knock you under the table.  Even the water comes in a flip-top bottle with a bay leaf in it for a light herbal note.  In the water.  Every time I go there I say that I should go more.  From the goat cheese, bacon, and peach pizzetta paired with a dark ale, to the grass-fed burger on a semolina bun and topped with Point Reyes cheese and sided with home-made potato chips, the dinner was a huge success.  We went home, paid the babysitter, and felt into deep comas.  Yum…yum…snore…

While we were out, I noted that small hats are back in.  Please, please let 30s-style fedoras come back in too.  Then nice suits.  When pictures of pre-war crowds show seas of hats and dress clothes, you know people cared back then.  Now you see tweenies at the mall in their slippers and PJ pants.  [sigh]

This may be the longest stretch I haven’t made bread and it feels, well, liberating.  The schedule I set for myself was precluding experimentation and fun.  Maybe when the oven is fixed (or we get a new one) I’ll pull back on sales a bit and spend more time trying out new things.  Production is fun only when you can be efficient.  If we happen to get a vintage stove with double oven, so I could bake two types of bread at once, maybe I could be more efficient.  I don’t know who this unsubtle hinting is for since I’d be the one paying for it.  Hmm…

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  1. doug said:

    i remember the linkery. let's see, christina pablo, kathy bakh, you and i (hmm, you hung out with asian people) cruising san diego in your vw after studio presentation looking for food and enjoyment. i think we have already eaten, and how did we end up at the linkery for more food? we sat at the bar eating sausages, kathy's, also, i think cheese, and drank beers, okay, i couldn't finish mine, but as zack meade would say 'good times.'

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