Dare I Say It?

Last night the gate opened freely.  No binding, no sticking.  It must’ve been the humidity, but I decided to sand the hell out of it anyway to make sure we are trapped in the front yard again.  I now I’m jinxing myself, but THE FENCE PROJECT IS DONE!  Actually, it’s not, because the fenceposts still have the be trimmed, but it is functional.  Here is the final product.  You may now yell huzzah and bravo.

Picture 187Picture 190

I had to saw an inch off the hardware bolts at the corners because there was a 3-axis convergence of screws at each corner of the fence and the metal was jostling for space inside the wood.

Picture 188Picture 189

I give it about a week before I trip on the curb, grab the fence for support, and rip the whole thing out of the posts to fall with a crunch of splintered wood onto the entry path.  Then will I bellow a mighty laugh and call out the womenfolk to admire my strength and temerity.  “Fear not, for I shall rebuild the fence and so shall the dark places of the world be flooded with the blinding golden light of my fiery hammer, for I am Uncle F&%#-Up, Lord of All Projects!”

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