Okay, so I’m the worst parent ever.  Well, no that award might actually go to this guy.


But every so often you do something that makes you feel like a tyrant.  Last night Baby Harbat was playing with our pet rabbits, Luna and Galinda.  She really really wants to lie next to them with her arm wrapped tightly around, like she does with her stuffed animals.  But prey animals like rabbits aren’t too keen on this, especially when it’s preceded by running and squealing.  After seeing BH grab the bunny once too hard, I told her she hurt the bunny, so it ran away.  She looked at me then burst into tears, collapsing on my wife’s lap in utter misery.  There.  Now I did it.

Of course she was fine a minute later, and was allowed to pet the bunny again, and went to bed happy.  As an adult you grow a thick skin and understand hyperbole and sarcasm.  Kids don’t get it as well.  I still think I’m a good dad.  Really, I’m fine with it.

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