Cookin’ With Gas Part 3 (I am a Super Genius)

There are now two functioning ovens in the Aurora Bakery kitchen.  Last night I installed the new safety valve.  All told, it took about 20 minutes.  Because I am Uncle F%$#-Up, however, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.  So far there are no gas leaks, the valve works, and the oven switches right on.  The next step is to buy some more clay tiles and cut them to fit so I have a full-size baking deck in each oven.  Then I will tilt back in my chair, lace my fingers behind my head, and smile at the glorious magnificence of my genius.

Please note how easy it is to identify the new components in the above picture.  The safety valve is bright silver, the thermocouple is rich copper, and everything else is sooty greasy gray.  I am sure I will get to cleaning the under-cooktop area of this oven.  Eventually.  Right after I rake the crawlspace gravel, organize my sock drawer by type and color, and scan all those old photos.

Besides my masterful oven repair yesterday, I managed to go for a run during lunch at work.  We are in the grips of a heat wave here.  And it’s not as sultry and sexy as a Marilyn Monroe heat wave.  No, this is a dry air blast with sun that beats down like fiery rain.  Okay, so that simile didn’t work.  But that’s because it’s hot!  My brain has melted, like the face of that guy in Raiders of the Lost Ark.  During my run, my mouth dried out, then my nose, and finally my sinuses.  Now I know exactly where my sinuses are, and what it would feel like if I jammed a hair dryer up my nose and set it to Sahara Blast Level 10.  And yes, Mom, I made sure to have plenty of liquids.  One question, though.  Is pee supposed to be dark brown and syrupy?  Oh, just asking.

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  1. Babs said:

    Aaaaagh! (just posted and it got lost in the internet black hole!) Try G2 powder as an electrolyte replenishment–1/4 sugar of regular Gatorade but all the electrolytes and yummy. Sounds like an ad! I, on the other hand, was filling up my water bottle with that mixture today for my mega bike ride, and as I added the ice cubes, the bottle slipped and…I redecorated the interior of the entire freezer and the floor. Hadn't really planned on the freezer clean-up and floor wash as part of my exercise regime! STay cool.

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