A Weekend of Luxury

Twice we had a babysitter for Baby Harbat this weekend.  Two times.  That’s more than the last six months.  On Friday we got to go out to see Julie and Julia while BH was watched by our neighbor friends.  Sunday our friends watched her so we could go out to lunch to celebrate our wedding anniversary (seven years!).  Now I have a vague recollection of what it was like before baby (B.B.).  We used to have long conversations, could see movies in the theater, and stroll through stores without cleaning up after a 3’6” shelf de-itemizer.  It was lovely, and for anyone with a small child, I strongly recommend paying a baby sitter, and buying yourself some together time with your spouse.

Now, Julie and Julia.  I’ve been a fan of Julia Child for a long time, starting with Tubby the Tuba.  Meryl Streep did a fantastic job, getting down the voice and mannerisms of the giant chef to an uncanny degree.  Stanley Tucci was charming and urbane.  Then you have Amy Adams and Chris Messina as the blogger and her husband.  Meh.  It’s hard to be too hard with the two young actors, going up against pros like Meryl and Stanley.  Watching the lives of Julia and Paul Child is much more compelling than the slumming-it Queens lifestyle of Julie and Eric.  In the movie, you find yourself longing to go back to Julia Child’s life, and hoping that Julie Powell would just finish the recipes and get off the screen.  Overall I loved it and it made me realize how much I enjoy being in the kitchen or at the dinner table with my wife.  Good food is a joyous thing, and it’s a blessing to have someone to share it with.  Happy anniversary, honey!

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  1. Babs said:

    Happy Anniversary! Continue to enjoy your spouse, enjoy your daughter and enjoy your cooking. That's a good life!

  2. Does that mean we aren't slumming it San Diego style? ;P

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