Good Loser

Is there such a thing?  Last night I lost at Pictionary.  Well, lost isn’t the right word.  My team stalled at the starting line while the other team raced around the track to uncontested success, did a victory lap, then nudged our stalled car off the track where it rolled into a pile of tires, burst into flame, then the tangled black wreckage was carted away and destroyed.

So yes, I am a sore loser.  With some of the drawings, I preferred to finish up after the time was up, just so I could at least have the feeling of satisfaction that my drawing was good.  While I would draw something in three-point perspective with full shading, the opposite team would draw a squiggly line and the other team member would shout out, “Double indemnity!  Yes!”  Then they would move forward on the board.  Yet again.

So I decided to help the other team by mumbling incorrect answers to try to get them to stray from the eventual solution.  Some of my helpful possible answers:

Removable warthog

Greco-Roman grappling


Quadruple indemnity


Trouser dingbat

Non-preventative maintenance




But you already know the outcome of this counter-intelligence propaganda campaign.  We lost.  But I am totally fine with that.


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  1. SRWood said:

    I think there's a momentum to losing. First you stumble, then your partner forgets how to speak, then YOU forget how to speak. It's unrecoverable!Now I'm off to engage in preventative destruction: breaking things before they have a chance to break on their own and disappoint me!

  2. We all know the 3D CAD drawings are no good in pictionary. Please tell me you partnered with Cristina…I can hear the sighs from here..!

  3. I'll see if I can track down my brilliant file cabinet drawing or perhaps the shrunken head tryptch.

  4. doug said:

    remember when we asians whup your butt?!!!

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