Morals and That

Every so often I’m caught out by my assumption that people are generally going to act as I would, with respect to laws, fellow humans, and a universal moral code.  Of course this is foolish, as people actually act mostly out of self-interest.

I’m in the midst of a property recovery issue in which I am a third party.  I’ll explain more once it’s concluded, but basically I’ve once again made the mistake that people will be honest, truthful, and punctual.  I’ve mentioned here before that as a transplanted East-Coaster, I’ve found the West Coast flakiness to be a constant aggravation.  Set up to meet someone at two?  Maybe they’ll show up at 2:30 without an explanation, maybe they won’t show at all.  When you ask what happened, you get, “Oh, something came up.”  Not an apology, not a lame excuse.  This is what happens out here when people get used to surf, sand, sun, and steady alcohol and drug consumption.  And you think it’s reserved for stoner surfers?  Ha!  Try to operate a business in Southern California and you’ll soon understand the SoCal Flake-Out.  I imagine doctors here make a fortune from missed appointment fees.

So.  Back to my little issue, I’ve got to deal with a combination of SoCal Flake-Out and greedy self-interest.  This’ll turn out well, I’m sure.

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