We recently found a Piglet (from classic Pooh) stuffed animal tucked in a box.  We gave it to Baby Harbat who gave it a tight hug and yelled, “Pliget!”  Now this is her companion of choice, from nap time to dinner, where Pliget sits on the table and patiently watches her eat.  This weekend she refused to take a nap, and when I went in after an hour, she had taken off all her clothes, and thrown everything out of her crib onto the floor.  The only thing left in the crib was Pliget.

I suppose I should describe my rant from yesterday but this issue is still ongoing, so I’ll have to post when it’s all done.  Let’s just say that I now have a greater understanding of the average San Diegan.  When I moved here from Washington, DC, I was used to a standard of professionalism and common sense.  Out here, the average person does not know how to be professional.  And I’ll be clear that I mean average person.  There are those who still know how to work in the business world by coming through on promises, returning messages, and generally acting like adults.  And then there are the rest of the SoCal wastoids who operate more like jellyfish, drifting with the current, bumping into things, and getting eaten by whales.  If you think I exaggerate, please read the comments on any news article in our local paper, the Union Tribune.  Go on, read an article on any topic, any length, and there will be at least one comment by someone that says, “Build the fence!”  For those unaware of border issues, there is a contingent in this country that believes an impenetrable fence stretching the length of the U.S./Mexico border is the solution to all our problems.  Which is funny, really.  Had such a fence existed across the New York harbor, these people’s poor European ancestors coming to America to start a new life would never have made it in.  Hmm.  I guess they forgot about that, you know, Ellis Island and immigration and that.

But I digress.  We were talking about San Diegans and the “mañana” attitude.  If you are out on parole, or are stoned surf rat whose RV ran out of gas, bummer, dude.  But if you expect to live and work here like a productive citizen, try to act more than two.  Trust me, I know two-year-old behavior.  Even my daughter knows how to share and be nice at times.

Now onto the literature feature of the blog.  I present to you the ultimate convergence of market demographic studies:


I can just imagine the meeting at the publisher’s office.  Hour five, coffee is cold and tempers are hot.  The boss has drawn a Venn diagram on the dry erase board and is scribbling in the circles, “knitting”, “cats”, “vampires and magic”.  He flails his arms at the peons crammed in the board room.

“Will somebody just get me a goddam book with all this stuff?!”

I’m not trying to malign the author or even the publishing house.  Good for them for trying to tie together so many “hot” topics into one single book.  I think that if they included in the already-jammed cover art a shirtless brooding vampire with tousled hair, there would be nationwide hot flashes and fanning of faces.

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  1. Babs said:

    Oh Pliget! My fave! Pliget can learn how to use the turn sniggles.

  2. Well, my personal favorite similar phrase to "Build the Fence!" is "Drill, Baby, Drill!" Why does the baby have to be in there. These are the same people that drive jacked up never been off road diesel trucks with little cartoon girls praying to the cross and next to that sticker a nascar number.
    But let's remember how much better the weather is out here….

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