I made a braid last night, a loooooooong braid.  I wanted to experiment with a cranberry nut bread that I thought up, and somehow decided that a double batch of bread would be needed to make a braid.  Now before you judge, please realize this is UncleF$#!-Up talking.  So in answer to your question, no, of course I didn’t think it through.  I could tell there was going to be trouble when I couldn’t braid the bread on my board because of the length.  Then when it rose I couldn’t lift it with the peel—it was much too long.  I got it into the oven by pushing it against the back and pressing the door shut on it.  Remember Topper Harley getting his head smashed in the ambulance door in Hot Shots: Part Deux?  Here’s the result:


Picture 1020Picture 1022

Not as bad as you’d think, in terms of looks.  Which is just what it said under my high school yearbook photo.  And my college yearbook photos.  And on a handwritten note in my wedding album.

I will report on taste tonight.  We are bringing it to dinner at a friend’s house.  “Are you sure you want to try out a new recipe on the first time we are invited over?” my wife asks.


The other bread I made is the multigrain struan. 


I think this needs some kind of topping, like steel-cut oats.  It smells and tastes good, I just need to give it that final over-the-top-belt-it-out-to-the-back-row flourish.  Right now it’s Shelley Duval and it needs to be Liza.  Or Barbra!


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  1. Babs said:

    Well hey Liza–those breads look great-especially the cranberry nut one. Let us know the outcome.

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