Contest Rules Modified

Hi everyone!  Great responses so far and my head is spinning with the possibilities.  In the interest of making it fair for everyone, and to keep the delicious bread nominations rolling in, I'm modifying the rules slightly.  [doges thrown tomato]  I know, I know.

So.  The new rules are that ANYONE who writes in a comment to either nominate a bread or support someone else's is eligible to win the prize.  So, if you can't think up a good bread to compete with such stellar nominations as "Smurf" (I'm thinking a blueberry challah with a dollop of whipped cream on top), just write in a comment to give seconds to one you've read and you are eligible to win the prize.  When the competition is over next Friday I will:

1.  Select a winner from all those who left a comment.
2.  Select a winning bread from the nominated entries.
3.  Finally get around to sanding and repainting that section of the bedroom wall that I've been avoiding looking at for the last month.

Okay, that last part was for me, but I do best with real deadlines.  Now keep those great ideas rolling in, and look over the menu to pick out a bread you'd like shipped to you if you are the lucky winner.  If you are not a winner this time, fear not, I suspect another competition is not too far away.

All together now:  BREAD!  BREAD!  BREAD!

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