Pizza is Where it At

By ignoring all rules of grammar and the basics of the English language, I can make my blog post title sound cool and urban.  If I was a marketing wonk, I’d say my blog title skews young, hitting key hip-hop and illiterate demographics.  Radical!

But seriously, pizza IS where it’s at.  I finally took a stab at making pizza.  And by stab I mean lazy swing.  Since I had the no-knead rustic bread dough snoozing away in the fridge, I decided to get it up and to work.  Since it wasn’t kneaded I was worried about the extensibility and elasticity, but it stretched out really well into a thin sheet in the middle.  I was worried about ripping it so I didn’t stretch it out as much as I could.  Because this was a lazy attempt, I just put some shredded cheese, olive oil, shallots, black pepper, and oregano.  I turned the oven into a blast furnace, but chickened out by the time it got to 600.  Here it is on the way up.


I baked the pizza for about 8 minutes, and it came out, well…see for yourself.


I had to call my wife in to see it.  Not only was the crust super delicious with great chew and crispy edges, but the whole process took about fifteen minutes for prep and 45 for the oven to heat up.  Now I’m super psyched about ‘za, y’all!  [warning:  target demographic gagging in horror]  I mean, I am very enthusiastic about making my own pizza. 

My next batch of no-knead will be part-whole-wheat with some olive oil.  If I can keep a batch of pizza dough ready in the fridge all week, it’ll be a snap to make our own pizza, which totally kicks the A-ess-ess of any store-bought pizza.  As part of my healthy food kick, I stopped buying our traditional Red Baron frozen pizza and instead tried the Safeway brand organic pizza.  Two expensive and tiny little cardboard discs later, I’m on to homemade pizza for good.

Finally, please remember to leave a comment on the bread contest entry to be eligible to win a free loaf of bread.  Whether you have a killer idea for a new bread, or just an insatiable appetite for carbs, drop a line and you’re entered in the contest.  I’ll wrap it up this Friday, or earlier if it looks like entries are winding down.  Thanks for reading!

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  1. Holy shiznonny, that looks AMAZING!!! Better bring that up for Christmas.

  2. Jay said:

    I make my lazy pizza dough in the bread machine, and it's dead simple. You need about a 2-hour lead time from flour to oven, but the amount of work is very small. I don't even use the thing for loaves any more.

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