Last Day of Contest

In the interest of getting the contest prize out to the winner before Thanksgiving, I’m going to be ending the contest early.  Everyone leave a comment on this post by tonight at midnight PST (so you East Coasters get an extra 3 hours).  I’ll then pick a random winner, but if the winner is my sister, she will be excluded because she gets enough free bread already.  To remind readers, the prize is a loaf of bread of your choosing from the menu, sent priority mail to your house in time for Thanksgiving.  While all the breads are good, I highly recommend the sourdough, as it will last longer than other breads and is a great multi-purpose bread.

The only baking yesterday was another brioche braid.  I’m getting good at these but man, they do grow do massive proportions in the oven.  They start as demure braids and end as huge brown dreadlocks.  As they spring in the oven, I am reminded of this:


Now post yer comments, ye lubbers!

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  1. Babs said:

    Actually, that goat cheese, fig and thyme sounds good but i also vote for my rosemary, calamata olive sourdough. But hey–send my loaf to someon local on the west coat when I win–ha-ha.

  2. Annie said:

    Do I count as west coast? We've already had Thanksgiving, but I love bread anytime. I'm with Tim on the cheese bread – very hard to pull off except warm and fresh.
    I'm voting for Seth's walnut, truffle porcini….

  3. Not to worry, there will be more contests. Plus my menu may include some of these new breads by then, so there will be more for the winner to choose from.

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