One. Half. Inch.

Ah, the joys of an older home.  Is the standard for 36” counters?  The old house will have 34.  If the standard is 34, your house is 32. 

Today’s chapter in the dishwasher saga involves the title’s ½ inch.  The plumber came by and gave us what my wife said are the four words you don’t want to hear:  “We have a problem.”  Turns out our new dishwasher won’t fit.  The space is 33 ½” and we have a 34” dishwasher.  If I was doing the job, I’d take the electric sander to the dishwasher, floor, and counter until that half inch was gone.  I haven’t been home to check it for myself, but the plumber confirms there’s no way to make it happen.  So we need to box up and return our new dishwasher, get it back to the store somehow, and buy another one.  I imagine the only company making 33 ½” dishwashers is based out of New Zealand and is willing to sell us one for the low price of four thousand dollars (shipping extra).

So instead of coming home to a newly installed and running dishwasher, I’ll come home to a new conundrum.  Oh, and that painting project in the bathroom and bedroom still isn’t done yet.  Dishes first, then painted walls.  Gotta have the priorities straight.

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