It is the holiday season, which means you will be surrounded by food all day and night.  In our office there’s a constant flow of sugary nom-noms to the kitchen table, given by clients and consultants.  Because I run twice a week I think I’m allowed entitled to eat these things.  If, by the end of the day, I don’t want dessert after dinner, I know I’ve had too much.  Today I’ll try to be better.  Sure.  So far I’ve only had chai, caramel popcorn, and chocolates.  Really that’s not SO bad.

It now looks like our dishwasher won’t be done until the middle or end of next week.  Considering the 45-minute dishwashathon I endured last night, I’m not pleased about this.  I’m not sure what’s worse:  having the old dishwasher still in place but unusable, or having our new dishwasher sitting in its packaging in the dining room, also unusable.  Considering that we’ve got the old stove and hot water tank in the garage awaiting disposal, that makes three full-size appliances taking up space.  Maybe I should put my car up on cinder blocks in the front yard, throw a blue plastic tarp over some big piles of trash, and get a pit bull on a chain.  Junkyard’s open, y’all!

After Bread Week, I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from baking.  But that’ll all change over Christmas.  We’re going up north to my sister’s house for a family reunion/holiday.  I’m already planning out which breads I want to bake and what ingredients will be needed for each.  It’ll be odd to A)bake at high altitude, B)bake with unfamiliar tools in an unfamiliar kitchen, C)not get paid for my work.  Just kidding.  I will be charging full price.  So far my ingredient list is fairly simple.  The only thing I’ll take with me is a small stash of sourdough starter.  If it survives the flight and freezing temperatures I should be okay.  I would carry it with me on the plane but the TSA might have issue with it.  If it’s less than 3 oz and smells like sourdough, is it okay?  Because that means I could take my running socks too.  Hey-O!  Happy Friday!

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  1. Hey! I got a shout out! Our kitchen is easy to navigate, especially since we put drawers in. I was making chili last night and thinking that you are going to HATE the fact that none of our spices are labeled. So I'm making the rule right now, if you make a comment about it, you are not allowed to bake anything in the kitchen!! You just have to smell them, okay?
    (There are some downsides to this, ie, I made an entire pot of chili with red curry powder and not until after I seasoned it to death did I notice another unmarked container with red powder, smelled it and realized that was the chili powder).
    Things like cinnamon and red pepper are easy though, don't be scared…

  2. If my cinnamon swirl bread turns out to be paprika bread, Christmas will be ruined forever. Just saying.

  3. Ohhhh my gosh did you see that clip on the daily show a few weeks ago about the segment on (is it msnbc news or cnn?) called "Just Sayin'" ???!!! Luckily cinnamon and paprika don't look alike. C'mon now.

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