Krissmass Kraziness

Baby Harbat is now officially old enough to get really excited about Christmas, presents, parties, cookies, and staying up late.  This all culminated last night after a full day of all the aforementioned things.  She woke up at 1:30 WIDE AWAKE, and needed company.  Until 5:45.  So our choices were A)stand in her room while she lay in her crib and didn’t sleep, B)sit in the chair with her while she wriggled, C)bring her into our bed so she could wriggle and poke me in the face, or D)listen to her wail because someone wasn’t in the room with her.  It was a long night for everyone, and true to prediction, I have gotten a deep lung cough that makes me sound like a Dickensian beggar.  “Please sir [cough cough hack] can ye spare a ha’penny?”

This may be one of the reasons for the excitement.

This trike is totally sweet.  It’s heavy, stable, and feels like a real piece of machinery.  Plus it’s stable and has real inflatable rubber tires which, in this day, shouldn’t be something you’d have to boast about until you see the plastic trashcan lids they’re trying to pass off as bike tires.  BH immediately had to take Ray Ray, a plush manta ray doll with the name of a pimp, out for a ride on her new trike.  He mostly rode on the back after being told, “Hold ON Ray Ray!”  He also flicked open his switchblade and flashed his gold teeth at everyone.  I’m a little scared of Ray Ray. 

On Friday we finally got a working dishwasher!  Because it is the season of joy and giving, I will not say anything more about the plumbers, but I am glad they are out of our house and not causing any more damage.  One of my dreams last night, in the brief period of delirium between baby soothe duty, involved workmen in our house at 4 AM.  Even when I told them to get out, they seemed baffled.  Because, you know, it’s perfectly okay to show up early for a job and start work in someone’s bedroom.  Maybe it was better that I was awake all night, otherwise I might have used some non-Christmasy four-letter words with the workmen in my dream.

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1 comment
  1. AHAHAH!! I love RAy Ray!! BH looks so cute on her bike!!
    Damn, everyone is bringing colds up here!! GET BETTER!

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