Party! Pizza Party!

Baby Harbat made her own pizza last night.  My little baker is growing up so fast!  I did help a little with a few things, but she did everything from mashing down the dough into a flat crust, tearing off bits of dough to sample for “quality control”, spreading the olive oil, tomato cream sauce, cheese (with more sampling), and finally sprinkling the green onions on.  Total time for constructing the pizza was about 15 minutes.  Here’s the final product:


I realize that it’s torture to make a child prepare food while they are hungry.  She must’ve eaten a half pound of dough along the way.  Once the pizza was out and ready to eat, she was all smiles and hugs.  Here she is eating her creation and demanding that I turn the camera around so she can watch herself on the screen. 


When my wife came home, there were more hugs and photo ops and everyone ate pizza.  I am really impressed how well she followed directions and wanted to help in the preparation.  Next step:  knotting rugs!  Just kidding.  Those little hands will be much better for rolling Cuban cigars.  Kidding again!  It’ll be cigarettes.

Later I made a grown-up pizza.  This one featured gourmet salumi sent from my friend Doug up in San Francisco.  The smell of baking bread, cheese, and spicy salumi filled the house and our bellies with happiness.  Some of it is the exposure, but look at the color development in the cheese and crust after baking.


I heart pizza.

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  1. doug said:

    i want some happiness too, peter! pizza looks really good!

  2. Nooo!!! Now I will have that song in my head all week! I'm inspired to go home and make pizza tonight. It will a lonely pizza party without BH though…maybe we can skype..!

  3. Quality control testing of the dough is of utmost importance. Good thing you've got two people to help you with that ;P

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