Beware Unlabeled Flour

Before the Holidaze, I was running low on flour.  Not good considering the amount of baking I planned to do.  In the last week before Christmas, all local stores were out of bread flour of any type, and I didn’t have time to drive out to the backcountry to buy more 50-pound bags.  So I bought bulk flour from a local store.  It was labeled high-gluten flour.  Now I know better.  Last weekend I made sourdough and couldn’t understand why the dough kept requiring more and more flour, and never seemed to gain any elasticity.  I also made pizza dough which has been tough to form into thin crusts without tearing holes.  Aha!  The flour wasn’t so high-gluten after all, and my sought-after elasticity is nowhere to be found.  So I’m using it up by making scones, which really isn’t too burdensome a penalty.  Except for my waistline.

Today’s note of interest:  Monday’s date was a palindrome 01-11-10.  There.  You learned something.

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