Here’s the new Aurora Bakery menu.  My weekly sales have dropped to between zero and one, which is quite a relief.  Now I can just bake for us at home.  And for dinner parties.  And places we are going where a gift would be appreciated.  And family events.  So I’m still baking a lot.

If you’ve noticed blog entries are short, it’s because of the great wooshing noise I’ve noticed since the holidays.  All the excitement and plans have gone, and we’re left with the humdrum of January.  No new projects are on the horizon, no travel plans, no anything plans, really.  So what’s there to write about?  Since I have tens, no, hundreds of thousands of readers, maybe you can overload the comment boards with your big achievements for January.  Planning a trip?  Have you contracted any major diseases or committed a felony?  Perhaps you are working on a multi-volume treatise on agrarian bookkeeping in the American colonies, or are tentatively planning to organize your sock drawer.  Whatever your magnum opus for the first month of the new decade, write in and shock us all.  I will be shocked if anyone even writes in, so the bar is set low!

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  1. Babs said:

    Sorry–no felonies, just wrapped up the cross country trip for 6 weeks, nothing monumental except the joy of NOT living out of a suitcase and backpack for 6 weeks!

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