Sup, bra!  You in for some ‘za?  Should we get appos first?  Aright, high five!YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAH!

[shudder]  Talking like this makes me want to punch myself in the face.  But all the pizza I’ve been eating recently seems to be lowering my IQ.  More TV and computer games, less Masterpiece Theater.  But this is what winter is all about, right?  Hibernation (mental) and conserving energy.  Who’s with me?  HIGH FIVE!

Since I’m able to work a camera and bake arr-tee-san pizza at the same time, here is a pictorial journey of last night’s adventures.

It included olive oil, garlic, black pepper, goat cheese, pancetta, green onions, Boccalone Nduja salumi, and five cheese mix.  The crust still isn’t as crackly and chewy as I want.  Maybe my next batch will be all high-gluten flour with no whole wheat or all purpose.  And I’ll melt down some rubber bands for even more elasticity.  So I can finally tell my wife, “Yes, that IS burning rubber you smell coming from the kitchen, it’s not the food.” 

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