Yesterday while my wife slam-danced in the mosh pit at Gymboree, Baby Harbat and I plopped down in front of a computer at the Apple Store.  Any guess on first requests for videos?  Muppets, natch.  After 40 years, the Muppet Show is still funnier and better made than most kids’ stuff these days.  I cranked up the volume when we found this clip:


Still catchy after all these years.

Earlier in the day I went for a run/steeplechase at our regional park and found it half underwater.  After our week-long Rain Event, the creeks are full to the brim, new ones are cascading down hillsides, and the trails were half puddle/half drainage ditch.  The trail I chose crosses a stream about a dozen times and each time I made heroic leaps that sometimes, but not always, got me to the far side.  I learned that Goretex running shoes don’t help much when the water level comes up to your shins.  When I finally splashed my way up to a ridgeline I saw that the mountains to the East were all dusted with snow.  What a place, Southern California.

Last week I did promise pictures of the banana walnut bread.  Tomorrow, I promise.  In the meantime I can say that it turned out better than expected.  Though, when it takes 2 ½ cups of brown sugar and a half pound of butter, you know it probably won’t be horrible.  My only fear about adding it to the menu is the unpredictable availability of brown bananas.  For a quickbread it’s pretty easy and incredibly filling, though it might be the most expensive to make, even more so than the cranberry walnut brioche.  As a bonus, ants really love it!  I found this out when we got an invasion of chocolate sprinkle-sized ants who were fleeing the floodwaters and seeking refuge in our kitchen.  I was okay with a few, thinking they’d go back home when it dried out, but it turns out that crumbs and honey cough syrup are their second- and third-favorite things after banana bread.  I think I finally wiped them all out and am keeping them out with a smear of cinnamon powder around their entry point, a light switch receptacle near the counter.  Just back away slowly from the banana bread, ants, and let’s all stay cool.  I said stay cool!

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  1. I'm going to have this song stuck in my head all day!It's a good thing Chuau's hot chocolate was there to counteract Gymboree. Remind me not to do that again.

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