I Doin’ It!

If you have a toddler, or perhaps an immature spouse, you’ll hear that phrase often.  Toddler Harbat is now able to turn on maximum rage if she isn’t allowed to do “it”, which may be getting into her carseat, feeding herself, or brushing her teeth.  If you attempt to intervene, you lose.  Every see video of five cops trying to wrestle one guy into a car and you think, “How strong could this guy be?”  Onc e you’ve tried to wedge a screaming toddler into a car seat while staring bystanders whisper about cruelty and protective services, you’ll know how effective full-body resistance can be.  Too bad criminals can’t be bribed by the Muppets.

I know I promised pictures of the banana bread and, frankly, now there’s too much buildup.  And apparently the pictures are on a computer at home and not on a camera, so there’s that.  Just imagine rich golden brown moist bread with chunks of walnuts and tender crumb glistening with caramelized sugar and fat.  It’s good, take my growing waistline’s word for it.

Home improvement projects have been slow this week, though I have managed to put on a light switch on the oven, and I have “plans” to climb up on the roof and reattach the spark arrester that blew off our chimney in the last storm.  How does a thirty-pound steel cage that is bolted into masonry get blow off?  Hey, ask Mother Nature.  My vote is for stray pteranodon.  Or wind gust, though that sounds a bit crazy.

I’ll leave you with this profound image.  Hmm…

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  1. What?! Brush her teeth?! Slap my ass and call me Gina, go see your physician straight away

  2. Babs said:

    Hey–it's all about being 2, being a girl, and being in charge.

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