Gotta Bun in Da Oven?

This may come as a shock to some people, but women of the world are having babies.  I know, I’m all smart an stuff, right?  When my wife got pregnant she did a great job of wearing cool clothes and generally not acting like a preggo diva.  You know the type, shuffling around in paper-thin flip flops, talking loudly about every new change in their body, flapping their arms and demanding pickles, ice cream, and shirtless men, in that order.  Oh boy, I can already feel the laser-vision stare of my wife from here.  Anyway!

A friend of mine recently started up a company, Pettel Maternity, that supplies really hip maternity clothes.  For most of my life when I thought of maternity clothes I thought of a little shop tucked in between SCAN Furniture and a golf shop in a strip mall in my old neighborhood.  Just as a bridal store, agricultural wholesale, or medical supply outlet would be equally inscrutable and uninviting, so was that little maternity store.  When I walked by I’d see mannequins hiding basketballs under pear-shaped blouses and lollipop-shaped jeans.  Uhh…no thanks.  Now that I’ve seen a beautiful pregnant woman in cool clothes, I finally get it.  Don’t hide it, and don’t let it hang out like a beer gut, but celebrate it!  You’re having a baby, you should look and feel good.

Here’s one of the shirts they sell. 

I think it would be even better if below “Surprise” it said, “It’s yours!”  Take that, baby daddies!

Here’s something else I think is really beautiful, a mash-up between Marimekko and Spirograph.


If you know someone who is pregnant, or are about to get someone pregnant, get them some cool clothes.  It’s the least you can do because, Surprise!  It’s yours!

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  1. Ha! No, sorry to say. But when the time comes we'll have to get some cool maternity clothes.

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