Dressing Up

This morning I decided that Toddler Harbat should look nice.  She has a closet full of pretty dresses that are for special occasions, which come far enough between that they rarely get worn.  My wife and I have a running debate on this.  I think it’s better to wear a dress and get it dirty than to keep it clean with the tag still on, hanging in the closet until she grows out of it.  I prefer our daughter look like a pretty girl, not a scavenger you’d see scaling a mountain of trash with a hooked stick and collection bag.  You can see my position on this is totally unbiased and reasonable.

“Well,” I told TH as she sat on her changing table this morning, “today is the day.”  I got out an apple print dress, brand new apple print tights and…uh oh.  Turns out the apple dress was really an apple tunic and she looked a lot like this guy:


So I found another apple dress that actually came down below micro-miniskirt level. Hurray!  I couldn’t find a shirt to match but told my wife, “I dare you to find a better matched shirt than this.”  Turned out not to matter.  About five minutes after getting dressed, Toddler Harbat comes into our room holding up her dress.

“I go pee!”

Sure enough, all the new clothes were all wet.  Sometimes it’s not worth getting dressed up nice.  She went to school in a brown shirt and jeans, the apple dress went in the laundry.

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