My Daughter’s Social Calendar

This was a busy three days for Little Miss Social.  I mean me, of course.  But Toddler Harbat was also quite the social butterfly, hitting two parties this weekend, the farmer’s market, competing in her school’s Olympics, going to a fair at the Cuyamaca Water Conservation Garden, and singing Bingo at the library on two separate days.  These events required, natch, party dresses.  This is the new thing—party accoutrements.  She can’t go anywhere without party shoes, party dress, party raisins, party books, party underwear, party pants.  And I’ve got to say that once at the party, she’s very well-behaved.  This kid loves socializing, and is making new friends like a used-car salesman.  Ahem, saleswoman.

The school Olympics requires a bit more explanation.  My wife roped me into baking bread for a school bake sale.  Here are some of the 7 loaves I baked:


I then learned there was some sort of Olympics, which I thought only the older kids were doing.  On Saturday morning I loaded up a basket with bread and drove Toddler Harbat to school.  She knew something was Very Strange, and we both were surprised to find the playground filled with teachers, parents, kids, and some obstacles courses.  Turns out all the kids could run the event, which involved crawling through a tunnel, hopping through tires and hula hoops, and following a chalk line under/over/around play equipment until reaching the finish line.  There was no live fire or screaming drill sergeants, and she got a medal at the end.  Hooray Olympic spirit!

Yesterday TH helped me plant some shrubs in the front yard.  Well, actually she sprayed the garden hose and I dug holes while my wife pointed at areas with her coffee cup.  “That one goes there.”  This is how she gardens, by delegation and management.  Which is okay since I enjoy playing the rented mule, digging and braying in the hopes of a scratch on the ears or an apple.

One final note:  I began this blog with a partial list of some of my pseudonyms.  I’ve got two more to add.  The first is Farhan Barouti.  He’s a patriotic Iranian and proselytizer on All Things Persian.  The second is Valencia Villalobos, a spicy Spanish lady who may or may not be a man*.  Tune in next week to find out!

*Uh oh.  I just went back and saw that I already had two possible transgender alternate identities.  Well…okay.  Make of that what you will.

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  1. Monsoon said:

    Your daughter has a better social calendar than I do! 🙂 Sounds like a fun weekend.

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