My test is over.  Last Friday was arguably the most difficult of the seven professional licensing exams I’ve had to take.  I won’t find out if I passed for 6-8 weeks, but for now I am out of study/stress mode and into beer/TV mode.  Well, not really.  But kind of.

This weekend I celebrated my new freedom by planting some trees.  We got a couple citrus trees and a nectarine tree as part of our plan to become more self-sustaining.  That is if we can survive on oranges, lemons, grapefruit, and nectarines.  There’s something about shaking the dirt from a root ball and settling it into the earth in a bed of compost and freshly-turned soil that nourishes the spirit.

The second part of Relaxation Plan 2010 involved kitchen projects.  First, I’m modifying my sourdough recipe to have more whole wheat flour.  My starter is happy and bubbly with a new ratio of 40% whole wheat.  I made a loaf last week with around 20% whole wheat and tonight will try out a batard and rolls with [gasp!] 40% whole wheat.  I bought a 50# bag of organic whole wheat that has a nice finely-milled texture.  I’m all for health benefits but am not crazy about huge chunks of bran scouring through my system.  Also, they cut up the gluten strands in my bread.  Pictures will be taken.  There will also be rolls.

I also made a big batch of chili and learned that a 24-hour soak and 1-hour simmer is not enough to fully soften dried kidney beans.  So we crunched our way through the chili and I apologized for Uncle F#$k-Up.  But the wilted spinach with olive oil, lemon juice, and salt and pepper was delicious. 

Toddler Harbat and I went swimming this weekend.  I heated up the hot tub and we (she) practiced floating on her back, jumping in, and using her mini watering can to water my toes so they would grow nice a big.  I learned that horsing around in a hot tub all morning makes one inclined to take a nap in the afternoon.  It is possible that I succumbed to that inclination. 

I’ll end with a glamour shot of Toddler Harbat showing off her glam orange glasses.  Say cheese!

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  1. Babs said:

    Love the glam shot! Naps are ALWAYS in order after serious exercise—or play, as the case may be. You definitely deserved it! More shots of landscaping projects is in order.

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