Lonesome Dove

The greatest TV miniseries…ever?  We started watching it last night and it is just as good as I remember, with richly-drawn characters, a fantastic cast, and settings so real you can taste the dust and mesquite.  I was shocked to see it was made in 1988!  It’s certainly held up better than most things on TV from that era, which usually feature dudes in Members Only jackets pop-locking to synthesizer music and jokes about Reaganomics.  It’s based on the epic book by Larry McMurtry, and is one of those rare cases of a film adaptation perfectly capturing the spirit and fun of the written work.  Do yourself a favor and rent Lonesome Dove, crack open a beer, and prop your boots up on the coffee table.  Here’s one of my all-time favorite characters, Augustus McRae, trying to rouse Pea Eye into some buffalo-chasing fun.


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  1. SRWood said:

    Pea Eye: "You all right?"Gus (arrows sticking out of knee): "Hell no, I ain't all right!"

  2. Monsoon said:

    I am in complete agreement. This was by far a great book and a great movie. I liked Gus' comments about the ground being full of bones. Anyone that hasn't seen it (or read it) will probably think that sounds morbid. Gus was my favorite character.

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