A Note to My Readers

I know you are out there, loyal readers.  You’re coming from all over the world to watch me botch home improvement projects, struggle with parenting, and try to reach the thousand-loaf mark in my search for the perfect crusty bread.  You check in regularly from all over the U.S., giving me the chance to Google-map remote server farms in Texas and Pennsylvania.  You are checking on your iPhones, Macs, and PCs.  Some are reading in the wee hours from the U.A.E., others are browsing from the U.K., and my Canadian friends span from B.C. to P.E.I.  Hello to my regular readers from Spain and Portugal, Macedonia and the Philippines, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.  You are illustrating my world map with a scattershot of colored pins. 

But you don’t have a voice, which is ironic since my blog is hosted by Vox.  I understand that you have to register to leave a comment, and believe me when I say that I’m lazy and couldn’t be bothered to do it myself, so I don’t blame you.  I want to hear from you much more, so I’m planning a switch to a new host.  I’d ask you all to weigh in, but it’s like asking for those people absent to raise their hands.  I’d like the conversations on your side to flow as freely as the blather from mine. 

TypePad, Blogger, WordPress, Joe’s Internet Hosting and Bait Shop, everybody’s got a platform, but the trick is finding a way to migrate.  I’m working on it, along with some more changes.  The new blog will have room for my regular writing, so you can follow weekly installments of the book and point out dangling participles and unnecessary adverbs.  There will be a place for bread tips and recipes, glam shots of ears and crust, and plenty of examples of how NOT to do it.  Parenting will be a regular feature, as will sustainable food and epicurean delights.  I’d like to bring in some of my Goodreads friends, so I’ll have periodic book reviews.

In short, things are going to be changing soon, and I’d like to take this moment to thank you all for sticking with me.  Together we’ve made it through the first day and night of the blog, and now a new day is beckoning.  Let’s step out into the new day and see what happens.

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  1. Here's what I think you're saying: you're leaving because you don't get enough reciprocation from your readers.

  2. Not exactly. I'm switching to another service that puts up less barriers to my visitors commenting. I like most everything about Vox except the lack of open commenting.

  3. I see. Vox does provide a fairly built-in audience to write to, but that audience is restricted.

  4. Babs said:

    Okeedokee–so where are ya movin' to?

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