Here We Are!

Please come in, grab a slice of freshly-baked bread, and prop your feet up on the table.  My new blog is still in progress but I want to welcome you all.

If you’ve found your way over from the Vox blog, you know all about my 2 ½ year old daughter, Toddler Harbat (TH).  You know that as I bungle my way through home improvement projects, kitchen disasters, and parenting screw-ups, I’ve given myself the title Uncle F#@k-Up.  You might also know that I’ve got a great love of all things handmade, from bread to gardens.

For new visitors, please feel free to scream with laughter and point as I smash my thumb with a hammer, install a lightswitch upside-down, or singe my armhairs on the side of the oven.  Just ignore that thumping vein in my forehead and the twitch on the corner of my eye.

Everyone should be able to comment with ease, so please tell me all about the things I’m doing wrong, whether it’s in parenting or baking.  In the next few weeks I’ll be adding some sections for readers who come looking for one thing or another.  My modified bread recipes, links to invaluable parenting tools (like single-malt scotch!), various fiction and non-fiction scribblings, and maybe even a running tally of all my pseudonyms.  If you enjoyed something from the old blog and want to see more, call out.  If you came expecting one thing and didn’t exactly find it, let me know.  Most likely it’s piled up in a corner of my brain along with dusty mahjong tiles, a broken Connect-Four game from the mid-eighties, and that missing bolt from the Ikea table.

Again, welcome all and please have another piece of bread!

Apple ciabatta

1 comment
  1. Douglas said:

    I’ll take a loaf of the apple ciabatta, and a dozen of the hot cross buns. Looking forward to more of your blogs.

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