Five ‘n Dime

That’s today’s date…five, ten, oh never mind.

We took Toddler Harbat to the beach this weekend.  She’s been before and we couldn’t keep her out of the water.  This time we were prepared, and had her dressed up in her bathing suit and dipped in sunscreen like a chocolate strawberry.  Here’s her reaction to a two-inch sheet of water gently flowing up the beach:

Toddler Harbat at the beach

Run TH!

Run, it's coming!

Not far enough!

With water activities definitely on the scary/do not like list, TH turned her attention to sand.  Part of the fun of playing in the snow is the softness and the fact that snow is water.  It’ll melt on your face, in your mouth, and you’ll be cleaner when you come in than when you went out.  Not so with sand.  Toddler Harbat didn’t appear to learn this lesson, as she rolled around in the sand like a happy dog on carpet, then was surprised when sand was in her mouth, caked around her eyes and nose, and plugging up her ears.  We brought a picnic lunch, which took about two nanoseconds to get coated in wet sand.  On the menu:  strawberries and sand, cheese quesadilla with sand breading, gritty water, cinnamon and sand churro, and spaghetti and sand sauce.  Toddler Harbat also didn’t learn that Momma and I like to keep sand out of our faces and off the towels.  After about the tenth reminder in one minute, I gave up and lay down in the sand.  Then she kicked sand in my face and I thought, “Since I avoided this as a nerdy kid, I’m getting it now.  From someone half my size.”

Here’s a bit of free advice from Uncle F#@-Up:  don’t think that you can substitute regular grated cheese on a pizza with shredded habanero jack.

Goat cheese and spinach and hot flaming death pizza

This pizza looks normal—goat cheese, tomato sauce, spinach—but it hides a dangerous ingredient.  I made this for Toddler Harbat on Saturday and at first I thought she was being a baby.  Within a minute we both were gulping down cups of milk and scraping at our tongues.  The good news is that she inadvertently ate a bunch of spinach in her hurry to push through the pain.

This week you’ll be seeing updated content, more pages, and perhaps, gentle readers, some amusing anecdotes.  Stay tuned!

  1. Po said:

    Wait…if she ate more spinach then why aren’t we making that flaming hot chunk of dough?

  2. Babs said:

    Sand adds fiber to your diet?? Oh, maybe that’s for birds. Sounds like fun anyway.

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