Thank You Salomon

I like to think I can do the basic things in life.  Brushing teeth, buttoning a shirt, and tying shoes.  Since I bought Salomon running shoes I’ve been rethinking that last one.

Last fall one of the SpeedLaces®* on my Salomon trail running shoes snapped.  I took the shoes to REI to get them repaired, changed my mind and exchanged them for a different brand, didn’t like those and went back for new Salomons.  With me so far?  About a month ago the lace broke on the new Salomons.  So I went to REI, paid ten bucks, and had the nice dreadlocked customer service rep install the new shoelace for me.

Again, I like to think I know how to do simple things, but these laces are their own structural system, with swages, loops, pulleys, grip locks.  The instructions are a full sheet with photos AND a link to a YouTube video on how to do it.

“If you have trouble doing the other shoe, come back and I’ll do it,” Miss Dreadlocks said with a smile.  “Oh, I’ll manage,” I said with a thin smile.

The very next week, in a triumph of planned obsolescence, the other lace broke and I was forced to undertake the job myself.  You’ll be happy to learn that Uncle F$#-Up managed to get the job done in under 45 minutes, with the help of scissors, a lighter, and the other shoe as a guide.  Behold!

It might not look like much, but I take my victories where I can.  I learned two things:  1) how to reconstruct the lacing system of a Salomon trail running shoe, and 2)I will not ever be buying these shoes again.

*SpeedLaces is my own made-up name for this system.  I’m sure the marketing whizkids at Salomon have a much cooler name, like I.R.L.S – Integral Reinforcing Lace System.

  1. Babs said:

    Did a large spider assist with that lacing?? Obviously there was a sadist at Salomon who designed those laces and is laughing his/her way to the bank. Perhaps a note/photo/copy of blog could be sent to your dear friends at Salomon??

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