Sometimes You Just Need Cookies

As part of my recent food conversion, I’ve switched from shopping the center of the grocery store to buying along the perimeter.  More recently I’ve found I’m hardly going to the regular grocery store at all, and instead get most of our stuff at the farmer’s market or the bulk/produce market.  One casualty of the new food regime:  pre-made cookies.  You read that right, and this coming from a lifelong sweets addict, who subscribes to the notion that two cookies is better than one, and ten is still marginally better than five.

Though my cookie consumption has gone down, the quality of cookies has gone way up.  Once I started making my own bread, I couldn’t eat store-bought bleached fluffy “bread” any more.  Once I started baking our own cookies I find most industrial cookies simply unpalatable.  I should try to say these things diplomatically, since as a lifetime consumer of Oreos and factory-made noms, I can’t argue that they’ve hit on a pretty good formula, considering.  But few people will argue that homemade cookies just taste better.  Since I bake a lot, I’m pretty quick in the kitchen, and making a batch of cookies is a thirty-minute affair.  Let’s call it a torrid affair.

C is for Cookie!


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