Two Little Ones

I’m still thinking about that picture I took of Toddler Harbat and her friend on the Cold Walk.  I like the color version, for the bright punches of fuschia and blue in a muted background, but I think it calls out for black and white.  It changes the mood of the image, makes it more portentous.  At first I thought of Frodo and Sam preparing to make their final push to Mt. Doom.  Now as I release chapters 18 and 19 of the Winter War book on my writing page, I realize these two little ones could be Magnus and Hannu, the story’s main characters, as they each set out into adulthood in their own way.  This week’s chapters see the brothers set out on different paths at the brink of World War II.  I think I can relate to each brother, can see why they would make their decisions and why they think they are right to do so.  In life, we ought to have a little of Magnus and Hannu in us, solid and impetuous together.

Two Little Ones

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  1. I especially like the tiny hat, albeit not terribly pointed, and the stockings/buckle shoes. Very evocative of what I would imagine Finnish children on a journey would look like.

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