Flour, Not Flower

Oh man, you’d think in a region of three million people there would be someone willing to sell me a 50# bag of organic flour.  What about Whole Foods?  They sell organic breads.  Nope, they make their breads from par-baked doughs which are put together offsite somewhere.  They are willing to get me organic flour, but the price is triple what I’ve been paying.  Now I’m calling distributors in the Los Angeles area trying to find someone, anyone, who either will deliver down here or who actually carries organic flours.  I’ve called multiple times to a supplier with a heavy Southeast Asian accent who routinely transfers me to the manager, some shadowy character with better English skills who never answers his phone or returns calls.

[sigh]  I guess I didn’t know how well I had it when I bought flour from a place 20 minutes away and it cost me 70 cents a pound.  Non-organic was even cheaper, at around $20 for a 50-lb bag.  I’ll find it, one way or another.  Calling distributors is actually a pretty poor way to find a product, as they usually don’t understand what they sell.  “High-gluten?  What’s that?”  I guess they are just middlemen, warehouse managers.  Maybe an actual bakery will have some tips.  Hmmm…

Anyway, my need for flour has become more pressing by the day.  Orders still come in and I’m stuck buying 5lb bags of flour like some everyday schnook.  I really want to avoid driving up North to buy flour, as the I-5 is one long effluent of traffic sluicing down from the undisputed champion of clogged highways, Los Angeles.  Hell, I pulled a 500lb antique oven on a trailer down from there, so I’ve certainly paid in blood for my bakery hobby.

All this for flour?

Flour - staff of life


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