Beds and Rocketships

Toddler Harbat is experienced in many things.  Sleeping in a big girl bed is not one of them.  Each night we go in and find her somewhere unpredictable.  Maybe she’s got her feet on the pillow and her head jammed in the corner.  Perhaps she’s stretched out across the foot of the bed like a foot warmer, or maybe the pillow is under the covers in a lump and she’s in the fetal position in the pillow’s place.  All of these scenarios cause great excitement and consternation when you’re searching around in the dark for your daughter in the middle of the night.  It does take some learning, the whole head-on-the-pillow and body-under-the-covers sleeping orientation.  Every night I get a jolt to my system when I go give TH a goodnight kiss and find I’m smooching the comforter or a stuffed panda.

Rocketships you say?  No I say!  You said murder?  Who said murder?  Excuse me, I’m stuck with Inspector Clouseau lines bouncing in my head like the marble on a roulette wheel.  Ah yes, rocketships.  The newest addition to the For The Home tab is a rocketship tomato cage.  Cheap, simple, sturdy.  And it does almost look like a rocketship with three boosters.  Great, a tomato cage that thinks it’s a rocketship and a cook who thinks he’s a gardner.


1 comment
  1. Seth said:

    “He’s the BEEKEEPER!”

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