New Bread! New Bread!

I’ve been hemming, hawing, and chawing about whether to reveal my secret San Diego sourdough recipe for the Handmade audience.  Then I remembered the “audience” is made up of a few people who stumbled onto the site looking for something else, the Google searchbot, and some spammers from Singapore, so I feel my secret will be kept safe.

Here.  It.  IS!

Yeah, I know the chances of someone making it are slight, but I maintain hope.  Plus, if you’re learning from my mistakes you’ll pick up on all the problems on the recipe and post scathing comments on the board.  Please post comments, I need something to read other than the J Crew catalogs and Max and Ruby books that litter our house.

  1. I thought it would be funny if the recipe was this:

    San Diego Sourdough:

    Mix in a bowl. Bake until Golden Brown.

  2. That’s why this bread has stymied me for the last year–easy on paper and complex in variables. At least that’s the excuse I use.

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