Handmade Abroad

This week Handmade Blog is away from home base, but here are a few clues for you to guess where.  Here’s the first one:

This is a normal inhabitant of these parts.  I think it eats birds and small children. I tried to get my hand in the frame for comparison but leaning over a balcony, focusing the camera, and getting my hand close, but not in, the sticky yellow web of Shelob made me, well, anxious.  Just trust me when I say the spider’s diameter is roughly 1.5 meters.  Tomorrow, another clue.  And don’t worry, I’ll have plenty of mistakes for you to avoid when we get back into the swing of things next week.

  1. Joy said:

    Is that a golden silk orb weaver? Are you in Asia?

  2. You are vacationing in Cirith Ungol! How did you get all your luggage up the Winding Stair?

  3. It’s not a golden silk orb weaver or the Dame Shelob. But the picture is about 75% of full size–this thing was HUGE!

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