This, I learned from Toddler Harbat, is the sound a vampire makes:  hiss!  It’s to be accompanied by two hands with fingers hooked into rictus claws of pain and a fearsome grimace.  Remember the warrior face from the cookie post?  It’s back, now in Halloween Vampire version!

Last Friday Toddler Harbat got her hair gelled up, face painted, and generally tried to be hideous and terrifying.  Basically what the cast of Jersey Shore does every night.  Her school hosted a rocking Halloween party, with games, cake, and a live band.  Imagine a hundred children in full costume and fueled by refined sugars running through a playground at dusk while a band plays 60s rock hits and you get the picture.  It was really fun for all of us, though I didn’t sit down for about three hours, since it was hard to keep track of a miniature vampire in a black cape in the dark.  Thus began TH’s birthday weekend.  Tomorrow, the party, the wrapping paper, and the inevitable denouement of tears.  Remember, parents, what goes up must come down.

  1. She is so animated! I love it. Great costume.

    Happy Birthday TH! 🙂

  2. Rygar said:

    Holy crap, that is one of the cutest things I have ever seen. I’m glad her eyebrows finally came in!

  3. This costume got an encore this morning for a school parade. We had to draw the line at white face paint, though she did get her eyebrows painted on. Which will look pretty…dramatic…when she’s changed out of her costume and is walking among the normal children at school with her Groucho eyebrows.

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