Politics and Other Scary Stuff

Let’s talk about the walking dead, moaning ghouls, rotting corpses, and succubi, by whom I mean the U.S. Congress.  I heard on the radio this morning that “…the Republicans have already vowed not to work with the president.”  Thank you, civil servants, for preemptively announcing you will not represent the interests of your constituents which is, correct me if I’m wrong, your rasion d’etre.  Thank you for putting political party loyalty above the stated duties of your office, above reason and intellect, and above morals.  Is this kind of anti-cooperative boast supposed to encourage average voters, or just make the extreme crazies whoop a little louder?  If Democrats had said the same thing about a Republican president I’d be just as appalled.

Tell me, how am I supposed to vote tomorrow?  How am I supposed to put faith in a group of people that have publicly and proudly announced they will not work together?  I think the poor showing at polls in this country is due less to apathy than disgust.  What a state of affairs that you get branded a maverick when you vote against your party every once in a while!  Our elected officials should serve the people first, but these days I feel like my interests don’t even blip the radar of my representatives.  For them it’s political affiliation first, golfing buddies and special interests second, campaign donors third, campaign trail cronies fourth, and the American public in dead last behind having their teeth whitened and remembering to pick up a half pound of ground sirloin for Fido’s dinner.  I already mailed in my ballot but I’m beginning to think I should’ve just run it through the shredder.  Remind me again, it’s been a while since my undergrad political science seminars, America is still a representative democracy, right?  Or have we switched to an oligarchy, with the good of the country put behind curried favor with party leadership?

Now let’s get to the fun scary stuff.  That post is coming soon.

  1. Well said!

    While I’m not sure if where you are at its been all political mud-slinging on tv, but here I don’t know of a single positive thing that is being represented by anyone. They all appear rotten.

  2. Po said:

    Your blog needs a “like” button 😉

  3. Babs said:

    Well said–and I don’t just think the Democrats reading your blog will agree. We’re all tired of the mud-slinging and the bi-partisan stalemate. Let’s get on with fixing what is broken and stop bullying!

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